Three sub-committees to enhance the work of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on increasing exports of goods and services.


Attention was drawn to the establishment of three sub-committees for the future work of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on increasing exports of goods and services.

This was discussed when the said committee met in Parliament recently (25) under the chairmanship of the Member of Parliament Hon. Buddhika Pathirana.

Accordingly, according to the proposals presented by the members of the committee, there was a lengthy discussion about the establishment of three sub-committees namely plantation industries, industries and technology, port, shipping and aviation services, trade, commerce and food safety. The Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Buddhika Pathirana mentioned that the appointment of members for the sub-committees will be done in the next committee meeting. He also requested the members who wish to serve in these sub-committees to submit their proposals in this regard.

The Committee discussed the progress of the implementation of decisions and recommendations made by the Sectoral Oversight Committee. Accordingly, the members of the committee stated that since it is necessary to carry out a review regarding each of the matters considered in the committee, a necessary mechanism should be prepared for that.

In addition to that, matters such as involving youth representation in the Sectoral Oversight Committee, involving institutions that do not fall under the scope of this committee, and coordinating the institutions operating under the provincial councils related to the relevant sector with the committee were discussed at length.

Members of Parliament Hon. (Major) Sudarshan Denipitiya, Hon. Karunadasa Kodituvakku, Hon. Sampath Athukorala, Hon. Sujith Sanjay Perera, Hon. Udayakanta Gunathilake and Hon. Velu Kumar participated in this meeting.