The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Mobilises Corporate Sector Support to Adopt 105 Suwa Seriya Ambulances


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce successfully facilitated the adoption of 105 Suwa Seriya ambulances, valued at Rs.525 million rupees, to support Sri Lanka’s healthcare system.

Suwa Seriya is a pioneering ambulance service launched by the Government of Sri Lanka to provide swift emergency medical care to those in need, especially in rural and remote areas. Recognizing the importance of this service, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce took the lead in mobilizing support from the corporate sector to contribute towards the adoption of these ambulances.

The 105 ambulances adopted at a value of Rs. 525 million through the Ceylon Chamber’s membership, through corporate as well as individual donors, will be deployed in various regions across the country, providing critical medical assistance to those in need, thereby enhancing the emergency healthcare services in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Vish Govindasamy Chairman of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, expressed his gratitude to the corporate partners for their generous support. He stated, “We are delighted to see the corporate sector come together to support this noble cause. The adoption of these Suwa Seriya ambulances will undoubtedly save lives and provide much-needed healthcare access to remote areas. We sincerely thank our corporate partners for their commitment and generosity in making this initiative a success.”

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce remains committed to facilitating partnerships between the corporate sector and social causes that contribute to the well-being of the Sri Lankan community. This adoption of Suwa Seriya ambulances is a testament to its efforts to drive positive change and create a meaningful impact on the lives of people in need.