South Korea shall provide more job opportunities for Sri Lankan youth – renowned South Korean company tells the Deputy Speaker


A high-ranking representatives of the well-known South Korean company ‘Hyundai’ stated that it is expected to provide more job opportunities to Sri Lankan youth in South Korea. This was stated when the said representatives met with the Hon. Ajith Rajapakse, Deputy Speaker today (04).

A delegation including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyundai Marine Company, Mr. Kim Byong Boo, who came to Sri Lanka to look into the interview process and training related to the selection of Sri Lankan youth for South Korean jobs, mentioned the above when they met the Deputy Speaker Hon. Ajith Rajapakse in Parliament.

The delegation stated that the youth of this country are highly skilled and they expect to bring more trained Sri Lankan youth for jobs in the country. They further emphasized that it is important for these workers to be disciplined young persons with good qualities.

The delegation pointed out the need for the government to intervene and provide proper vocational training in the country and send trained workers to South Korea as soon as possible without delay. It was also assured that the facilities and safety of the workers in South Korea will be provided to the maximum extent.

Accordingly, the delegation pointed out that there is a high demand for trained workers in the fields of ship construction and repair, electricians, welding etc. and they are entitled to high salaries. The Deputy Speaker Hon. Ajith Rajapakse addressing the gathering requested to provide support for the construction of a fully equipped training center for skilled workers in Sri Lanka.

He also said that in addition to professional skills, it is expected to provide an understanding of the Korean language, culture, etc. through this.

The delegation who expressed their interest for it pointed out that they expect to provide more job opportunities in South Korea to the talented youth of this country.

Members of Parliament Hon. Weerasumana Weerasinghe and Hon. Sampath Athukorala, were also present on this occasion.