1st Local Workshop for the Enhancement of National Traffic Database and Capacity Building project.


The Korea International Cooperation Agency, (KOICA) provided a grant worth four million USD to the Road Development Authority through the Ministry of Transport and Highways to implement the Enhancement of National Traffic Database and Capacity Building project in 2021.

The objective of the project is to produce and implement traffic data analysis and management system at the national level for better transport infrastructure development in Sri Lanka. In addition to the provision of equipment and masterplan, considering the sustainability of the interventions, the project has also invested significantly on the human development aspect. The project has already conducted an invitational workshop in Korea. The first local workshop under the project was held on 2nd March at Waters Edge Colombo with the participation of High-Level Officers including the Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Highways Mr. M.M.P.K Mayadunne, Country Director, KOICA Sri Lanka Office, Ms. Kim Myung Jin and many other invitees from a number of Government Organisations.

The workshop was declared open by the KOICA Country Director, Ms. Kim Myung Jin, who emphasized the heavy weight carried by the road system in Sri Lanka and the importance of interventions to improve it. She further stated that Korea has increased their ODA in the Indo -Pacific region by 10% as a result of the “Indo Pacific Strategy” launched by the Government of Korea.

Addressing the gathering, the secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Highways thanked KOICA for their continuous support in a various sector of Sri Lanka. He also mentioned that RDA does not have a Database at present and the deliverables under the project will be a great support to increase the ability to improve their capacity for data analysis.

The workshop covered topics ranging from the utilisation of the traffic data through Sri Lanka traffic database system, legal background laws and regulations and the impact and expected effect analysis and the Future plan and vision for the Sri Lanka National Traffic Data Base.

For the implementation of the project, KOICA engaged a Project Management Consultancy (PMC) team consisting of 3 reputed Korean organisations. Neighbour System,Inc, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) and the Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation (KECC). The PMC facilitated the resources for the workshop as well.


KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) contributes to the advancement of international cooperation through various projects that build friendly and collaborative relationships and mutual exchanges between Korea and developing countries and support the economic and social development in developing countries, under the mission of ‘Leave no one behind with People centered Peace and Prosperity.’ For more information about KOICA, visit www.koica.go.kr