Lihini Seafoods expands into local market by entering LAUGFS supermarkets


Lihini Seafoods, Sri Lanka’s award-winning seafood exporter with over two decades of experience, has officially launched its Lihini Frozen Range of products at selected LAUGFS supermarkets giving local customers the chance to enjoy the freshest seafood made to international standards.

Lihini Frozen Range includes an exciting range of high-quality frozen sea food such as fish, prawns and cuttlefish. All products are washed, cleaned and ready to cook for convenience, and are individually quick frozen and packaged in durable resealable packages for easy storage that is guaranteed to maintain the high quality and freshness.

Malintha Fernando – Director of Lihini Seafoods stated, “As a Sri Lankan brand that has conquered the international market, we are proud to now have the opportunity to serve the national market thanks to our new partnership with LAUGFS Supermarkets. For the past two decades, we have been contributing to the national economy and helped bring in valuable foreign exchange to Sri Lanka, something that is of even greater significance during the country’s economic challenges of today. We have made great strides in the international market during this time and we are now hoping to continue this success with our Sri Lankan business. On the whole, we are passionate about the total satisfaction of our valued customers by providing the best quality fish at a competitive rate in a dynamic and a hassle-free environment.”

Lihini Seafoods is a fresh chilled sea food processor and exporter in the form of loins, whole fish, gilled and gutted fish, and head gutted and gilled. All its products are mainly exported to Italy, Germany, France, Netherland, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, USA, Japan, Australia and Russia. The company’s fishery products are processed and exported in a manner that delivers the best end product to the consumer. The company’s current food safety management system has been developed in accordance with BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9 and to comply with other EU and local regulatory requirements. The company’s systems have been developed in line with food safety management systems of BRC Global AA+ Certified Standard for Food Safety Issue 9 and IFS Certification. It continuously updates and upgrades safety, hygiene and quality of the products and staff. Lihini Seafoods is an HACCP certified (Higher Grading) processing facility that also adheres to IFS ,FDA as well as Friend of the Sea Certification. The company also complies with microbiological, chemical and hygienic parameters required by the EU, USA and all other markets. In order to ensure the highest quality in all its products, each fish is carefully examined by its Quality Control unit for the Histamine levels, Mercury levels, colour, smell, temperature and overall freshness.