Agro World Revolutionizes the Agriculture through Cutting-Edge Technology, Improved Scientific Growing Practices, and Facilitates Market Access through Cost Effective and Innovative Business Model


Agro World (AW), is a game-changing Agri-Fin-Tech startup based out of Sri Lanka; that addresses and solves some of the key pain-points faced by the agribusiness sector stakeholders; more importantly the solution provided by Agro World addresses almost all the issues and challenges faced by the farmers of any scale, may it be a small-holder farmer, or a mid-sized commercial farmer, or even a plantation with over hundreds and thousands of workforce.

The agriculture sector has always been an integral part of the global economy, providing food and other essential goods to billions of people worldwide. However, despite its significance, the sector has remained largely traditional and outdated, lacking access to financial and technological resources that could help the farmers and producers maximize their yield/output which in turn reflects in higher profitability.

The industry has long struggled with inefficiencies, wastages, post-harvest losses, and reduced profitability due to several reasons, but most importantly the lack of systematic coordination and collaboration among the farmers, suppliers, buyers, and government organizations related to the agribusiness sector. What if this could be changed? What if all the agribusiness stakeholders could connect, communicate, and collaborate in real-time, unlocking the full potential of the industry and driving growth and mutually beneficial progression for all?

The answer is here: effective use of technology and innovation! all agriculture stakeholders can seamlessly connect like never before, breaking down silos and creating a more connected, efficient, and making then sector profitable. This is where Agro World comes in as a; cutting-edge agri-fin-tech startup that is set to revolutionize the industry and help farmers and the agribusiness community reach new heights of success.

Agro World is a platform that connects farmers with investors and lenders, providing them with the most needed financial support; then provide the farmers with the knowledge on scientific growing and best cultivation practices where the platform also connects the resources (quality agro input) required for cultivating, so that the farmer is facilitated with everything necessary for a thriving farmland; but what sets Agro World apart from other tech startups is its commitment to empowering farmers through innovative technology that eventually uplifts the farmer to an agripreneur (an agri entrepreneur) where the subsidy and subsistence based farming culture will eventually transform into a sustainable and profitable commercial cultivation regardless of the size of the farmland. The platform leverages on advanced algorithms such as; computer vision technology, machine learning to provide farmers with personalized recommendations, use of spectral technology for early identification of pest and disease detection, use of blockchain for smart contracts, cost effective traceability and identification, satellite monitoring to capture heuristic data and insights of the farmland, which helps to make better decisions and increase their profits. It also provides near-real-time data and analytics, allowing farmers to track their performance and make informed decisions based on those users friendly and easy to understand dashboard reports.

Successful farming requires multiple combinations of knowledge about the agro-ecological zones, landscape and soil characteristics, land preparation and ecological management, best seed selection that’s suitable for the growing season, and cultivation management which encapsulates a large number of activities and monitoring tasks out of which some key elements includes effective use of resources such as water, fertilizer, agrochemicals, and most importantly an understanding of market conditions and price. Agro World takes a proactive approach by pre-identifying the market conditions with various crops, supply & demand, and recommendations, ‘when’ and ‘what’ to grow, to get the maximum yield and benefit, in turn enabling to secure the best price for the produce.

Introducing and setting up the ‘Farm-gate to Buyer’ concept where the producer sells the produce directly to the buyer, which is done with an intend to shorten the travel time and distance which in-turn reduces the non-value adding costs and post-harvest losses. This saving can be passed on to the farmer and the consumer saving money from both sides.  This in turn will help the farmer to capitalize and determine the market price which will be more favorable to most stakeholders in the agribusiness value chain, furthermore this will enable the farmer to have more control on managing the supply-chain effectively enabling to make quick decisions to respond to sudden market changes due to any adverse impacts.

In addition to its innovative technology, Agro World is also committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices. The platform provides educational resources and training of farmers, helping them to adopt sustainable methods that not only benefits their businesses but also the environment at large.

Agro World has already received significant recognition and praise from the experts from the agribusiness sector, and investors, with many hailing it as the future of agriculture financing, as it creates a new asset class for the agribusiness sector which provides transparency across all stakeholders. With its unique combination of technology, financial expertise, and commitment to upscale the farmers knowledge on scientific growing, Agro World is poised to have a major impact on the agriculture industry and help farmers in Sri Lanka to reach their full potential.

With the endorsement of Mrs. S. Senthilkumaran, Director – Northern Province, Department of Agriculture; Agro World kick started the first Awareness Programme in Jaffna with over 100 active participants participating at the session held on 30-January-2023. Agro World managed to attract the attention of the hands-on farmers, Agriculture Instructors (AI), Technical Assistants (TA), keeping them excited for a revolutionary product launch in March 2023.

In conclusion, Agro World is an agri-fin-tech startup that is changing the game in agriculture financing and agriculture technology adaptation. With its innovative platform, personalized recommendations, and the commitment to uplift the farming community, enabling farmers achieve greater success and make a real impact on the world. Stay tuned to see what this exciting startup will achieve in the future!