Flow of donations to ‘Deegawapiya Trust Fund’


The family of Mr. Pradeep Wijewardana donated a sum of Rs. 200,000.00 to the ‘Deegawapiya
Trust Fund’ at the Defence Ministry premises today (Nov 09).

Accordingly, Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne who is also the ‘Author of the
Deeghawapi Aruna Trust’ and ‘First Trustee’ received the praiseworthy donation from Mrs.
Sakunthala Kodagoda (wife) and their beloved son Mr. Chris Wijewardana, during the session.
The Wijewardana family who is in touch with the restoration of Deegawapiya Stupa had also
donated a sum of Rs. 100,000.00 on Sep 27 this year and contributed to this noble cause.
Deegawapiya, a place visited by Lord Buddha is regarded as one of the sacred ancient religious
sites among the sixteen places of worship of Buddhists.

The expedited restoration process which commenced under General Gunaratne’s guidance has
witnessed much progress in the restoration work. The process is funded by the ‘Deegawapiya
Aruna Trust Fund’ which is generously supported by the philanthropists.
Plans are afoot to restructure the Sacred Stone-Paved Precincts (Salapathala Maluwa), a fullfledged Pilgrimage’s Rest House (Vishrama Shalawa) and also to set up a charming environment
while planting saplings of Sal (shorea robusta) and ironwood within the premises.

Those who are eager to witness the former glory of Deegawapiya Stupa at their naked eye view
and to extend their generous supportive hands can obtain details through the Deegawapiya
website www.deegawapiya.lk, [email protected] or contact 011 2430860-78.