An awareness programme on Parliament procedures and process to Katana Pradeshiya Sabha members


A program organized by the Communications Department of the Parliament of Sri Lanka to educate Katana Pradeshiya Sabha members about parliamentary activities and procedures was held at the Katana Pradeshiya Sabha premises recently.

Upon the request made to Parliament by the Hon. Member of Katana Pradeshiya Sabha, N. Asanga Kamal Siri de Silva, this programme was organized to educate the Pradeshiya Sabha members regarding the Constitution of Sri Lanka currently in effect, the Parliament of Sri Lanka, its business and tradition, standing orders, parliamentary procedures and laws.

Mr. Tikiri K. Jayathilake, Assistant Secretary-General of Parliament, many officials of the Parliament Director Legislative Services and Acting Director Communications, Mr. H.E. Janakantha Silva were resource persons to this program. Furthermore, Chairman of the Katana Pradeshiya Sabha Mr. K. Sisira Fernando, Vice President R. Chaminda Ratnayake and its members participated in this awareness program.

The Pradeshiya Sabha members were actively involved in the awareness program and expressed their opinions by raising questions from the resource persons about the political evolution from the past to the present and the turning points that should have changed in the historical evolution of Sri Lankan politics.

An arrangement to organize a visit to the Parliament and watch the budget debates live was also made during the programme held.