Council for Startups of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce ready to accelerate your business


Innovate Lanka is ready to accelerate your business – are you ready?

Innovate Lanka is a national initiative that brings all the startup and SME ecosystem partners together to build our nation providing customized support for every entrepreneur and be the one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to obtain funding, mentoring, incubating, accelerate, and grow them until maturity or exit.

This is an initiative of the Council for Startups (CFS) of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Lankan Angel Network (LAN), and Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM).

Being the Industry Advocate, the Council for Startups (CFS) of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) was created as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs where the collective pool of resources via the CCC membership can be leveraged to assist any startup until exit or maturity. The Ceylon Chamber business network can assist startups with funding, mentoring, incubating, accelerating, support on go-to-market, assistance on legal and financial management, policy advice, etc., to name a few.

The National Partners to this event being; Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), Export Development Board (EDB), and Industrial Development Board (IDB) brings in the policy, legislation bodies of Sri Lanka that facilitates and provides the platform to do business and also to carry out the national level involvement to assist the startups and SMEs in Sri Lanka on exports and other industrial knowledge that is required to create a robust ecosystem.

The Investment Partners of Innovate Lanka are; BOVCapital, Indian Angel Network, Lankan Angel Network (LAN), Venture Engine, NVentures, Global Business Angels Network (GBAN), and Lanka Impact Investing Network (LIIN) are partners who are keen to invest in early-stage businesses which have the potential and motive to grow and will create value. They also share their insights and expertise, offering valuable advice on creating and actualizing the best strategies for growth and expansion and also the capital for business development.

Partnering on this initiative as Accelerators & Incubators; Hatch, National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE-SL), Venture Frontier, Centre for SMEs of The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Youth Business Sri Lanka (YBSL), Good Life X (GLX), and Lanka Accelerator join to build the next generation of Sri Lankan businesses by providing them with practical and hands-on solutions to thrive and excel together with the prime focus being on the global growth mindset and also share their knowledge, expertise and resources to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where the startups and SMEs can get benefitted immensely to get accelerated in their growth journey.

Wijeya Newspapers, Roar Global, 87 Agency, and LMD bring in one of the most important ingredients that will help any business to get into limelight and get traction, which is the media aspect. The Innovate Lanka also facilitates this opportunity for growing business to attract the mass audience in Sri Lanka and globally to increase the exposure and awareness in turn creating value and assisting directly to achieve the missions and objectives of any businesses. These four organisations have partnered with Innovate Lanka as Media Partners to help and assist startups on their PR and communication.

To bring in the international expertise with regard to technical knowledge, know-how, and business support services; which promotes in the facilitation of trade, tourism, investment promotion, and best business practices that are to be followed by the Sri Lankan businesses to keep up with the global standards; the American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka (AMCHAM) and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) joins as Global Partners. They will also assist in exchange of ideas, information, advice, and assistance in adoptation and application of global relationships, and also by way of stimulating the expansion of business opportunities to Sri Lankan businesses with their counterparts in other countries.

To assist and guide businesses in the domain of legal and to fulfil any statutory obligations any venture would require the expertise of legal firm as most startups would not have the luxury to have their own in-house lawyer. Recognizing that the majority or all legal issues that are faced specifically by startups are multifaceted in nature, and also it is required to work collaboratively with the business for counsel. Understanding this need; and to support the startups and SMEs, the Innovate Lanka initiative has co-opted the services of Legal Partners; AreWeLegal and Heritage Partners who specialises and have enormous number of years of experience working with early-stage businesses and SMEs.

A purposeful business arrangement which facilitates startups and SMEs to build and develop the ecosystem by providing them with mentoring, and guiding them to be efficient in managing its finances and able to operate very lean in order to succeed and excel. SLASSCOM and SriLanka@100 joins in as Ecosystem partners to facilitate this aspect.

In a world where rapid change and unprecedented disruption are the new normal, we inspire confidence and empower change in all, helping organizations mitigate risks and grasp opportunities, driving positive, sustainable change, people and society at large. KPMG as a Knowledge Partner bring in the knowledge and expertise sharing aspect to Innovate Lanka.

Selected winners to enter GEN global competition

The selected startup of Innovate Lanka 2022 will enter the (Global Entrepreneurship Network) GEN-Global Programme, where they will take part in the Entrepreneurs World Cup 2022 Regional programme. At the same time, all entrants will have the opportunity to secure funding via LAN and, its extensive global network of international Angel Investors and VC (Venture Capital) firms.

The programme will have a number of business domain and tech experts to mentor, accelerate, and assist them with go-to-market (GTM).

The application for Innovate Lanka 2022 competition will be closed on Friday, 30th September 2022. Therefore those who are interested to take part in this programme are requested to submit your applications using the link

For any assistance or clarifications feel free to contact the Innovate Lanka Secretariat on our email: [email protected] or via our hotline: 077-703-9889