The Parliamentary Caucus for Children to meet next week


The Parliamentary Caucus for Children, established to address the issues concerning children of the Country by contacting the relevant ministries and other institutions in order to create a better tomorrow for the children of Sri Lanka, is scheduled to meet on the 21st.

The primary objectives of this caucus include policy changes to introduce new policies for the well-being of children and regularly review and revise policies relevant to the well-being of all children, to coordinate with the different Ministries, Departments and Agencies working for children as well as to draw greater attention of state agencies and the public to the problems and issues facing children.

Furthermore, it also aims to review and revise existing laws pertaining to children to be responsive to child rights challenges and monitor the enforcement of law, to advocate for increase in necessary budgetary allocations and also to draw together the resources of government, civil society and the business community to address the challenges associated with improving the implementation of the rights of children and thereby, the quality of their life.

Ensuring that the entire child population of Sri Lanka has access to quality early childhood, primary and secondary education, adequate health care and is well nourished, protected from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation has opportunities to participate in decisions that affect them and air their views and contributing to the development of the full potential of every child without discrimination and as equals are also objectives of the caucus.

Constituted in the Seventh Parliament under the Chairmanship of the Hon. (Dr.) (Mrs.) Sudarshini Fernandopulle, the caucus was revitalized on 03rd December 2015 for the Eighth Parliament. This will be the first time that the said caucus will be resuming for the ninth parliament.