Kiddoz – Sri Lanka’s first-ever Baby and Kids online marketplace by LIMRA Holdings

Fathhi Mohamed – Co-Founder – DishServe and Asvine Ganeshan Chief Executive Officer at Kiddoz by Strides Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Kiddoz, Sri Lanka’s first-ever Baby and Kids online marketplace, has been unveiled as the latest venture of leading Sri Lankan company LIMRA Holdings Limited. Kiddoz is being developed in close consultation with the esteemed E-commerce Consultant, Fathhi Mohammed (Co-Founder of PickMe Sri Lanka), who has come on board as a Strategic Consultant.

Kiddoz is a revolutionary technology company built by parents, for parents and their loved ones. Its Mission is to simplify parenting at every stage so that parents can spend more time with their children and less time worrying about everything else. As Sri Lanka’s first-ever parent-focused online ecosystem, Kiddoz marketplace provides parents and gift givers an intuitive, convenient, online experience that connects them with trusted global and local brands, traditional retailers, and a unique network of home-based retailers. Kiddoz allows customers to shop for a wide selection of products for mothers, babies, and kids.

One of the core objectives of Kiddoz is to boost entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka by empowering talented entrepreneurs seeking a platform to market their curated products and services. It aims to fill this gap and harness the power of local entrepreneurs within this industry by matching them with new markets. Therefore, a carefully-vetted network of home-based retailers providing quality rated products and services have been given the opportunity to market their products through Kiddoz. Every seller can perform a multitude of functions easily such as intuitively owning and managing their online shops, modifying listings, identifying product showings, providing custom product offerings and more.

Asvine Ganeshan – CEO of Kiddoz stated, “Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we’ve realized this industry has a gap in two key areas. First would be the parents and to-be parents being overwhelmed in trying to find the right shop to source the ideal products and brands for themselves, their children and babies. The second is small and home-grown local businesses not finding the right platform to reach their ideal target audience. Kiddoz was born with the key objective of bridging these gaps, through a convenient and intuitive all-in-one e-commerce marketplace.”

Fathhi Mohamed is the Co-Founder of DishServe, YOHO and PickMe and the Director of Founder Institute for Sri Lanka, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator program started in Stanford University. He commented, “Asvine and Akeel wanted to add a tech startup component to their portfolios, but they didn’t want to do it the traditional way of running a SME. This encouraged me to spend my time to guide them on how to achieve this goal. They applied the tech startup methodology to their existing business fundamentals and industry knowledge, which gave them the fuel needed for fast and sustainable growth even in this difficult market conditions.”

Looking ahead, Kiddoz aims to become a comprehensive parenting solution integrating a wide range of cutting-edge features, including a dynamic learning management system with video streaming capabilities, a portal with in-demand service providers for parents to look after their babies, an online activity center, and an online community connecting parents, doctors, and businesses to help engage and obtain help with navigating through the parenting journey.

The company also plans to build the technology in Sri Lanka and implement it in the South Asian region with India being earmarked as the first target possibly during the next 12-month period.

With over 28 years of experience, LIMRA Holdings has a renowned presence across many industries and has established a strong foothold as a leader in providing baby and toy products, ICT, and smart and physical security products and services in Sri Lanka and beyond.