The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2022


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the ‘Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2022 (BCCS Awards)’, one of the most anticipated events on the corporate calendar, for the 19th consecutive year.

The BCCS Awards aim to encourage corporates to adopt best practices relating to environmental, social, and economic sustainability while pursuing corporate goals within the wider context of generational accountability.

The Awards is a holistic competition open to both large corporates as well as smaller enterprises. It recognises the efforts of the private and public sector to interact responsibly with its stakeholders, through recognising the importance of corporate sustainability in Sri Lanka.

Focal areas of the competition include environment, customer relations, community relations, governance, financial performance, and economic contribution, with applications evaluated by national experts in the Sustainability sector.

Best Sustainability Projects Awards 2022 recognize the special sustainability projects conducted by the Sri Lankan Corporates in order to inspire the Corporates to engage in sustainability projects.

A preliminary briefing on the application process will be conducted on 4th August from 2.00 pm onwards via MS Teams. Thereafter, regular updates regarding the Awards process will be posted on the Ceylon Chamber social media platforms.

The Chamber continues its commitment to support and encourage businesses in attaining their corporate goals, and believes the BCCS Awards will play a vital role in inspiring businesses during trying times such as these.