Lanka crisis exacerbated by Russian invasion of Ukraine – Canada


Canadian High Commissioner in Colombo, David McKinnon has said that his government was funding procurement of medicine for Sri Lanka and urgently needed rice stocks for school meals programme here.

HC McKinnon, in his ‘Canada Day’ message referred to the developing political-econoimic-social crisis. McKinnon, who is also the envoy accredited to the Maldives, said:

“While the acute phase of the pandemic is, thankfully, behind us, the world faces different and complex challenges that once again require us to work together in our response. Major crises with global consequences have emerged around the world, most notably the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Sri Lanka, the economic crisis has been exacerbated by these external shocks, and it is wrenching to see the adversity ordinary Sri Lankans endure every day as a result. As we did during the pandemic and for nearly 70 years before that, Canadians have extended their support to Sri Lanka in these difficult times. In collaboration with the World Health Organization, we are funding the procurement of essential medicines and supplies.

Canada is also working with the World Food Programme to purchase urgently needed rice stocks for the National School Meal Program. As the crisis deepens, we are looking how we can best respond to the recent flash appeals by the UN and the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies.”