Australia beckons hope and joy!

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By: Nalin Jayetileke sports correspondent Samatha Hewabandula, in conversation with some of the Australian supporters at the R Premadasa Stadium during the 4th ODI reveals the passion they have for what they have been experiencing in Sri Lanka. When questioned a keen Australian Cricket follower Mr. Luke who has been in Sri Lanka witnessing all matches played against the two countries since 1999 said ” Its been wonderful here and the economic issues have in fact helped us tourists to gain more value for our $ as such, all of us are having a great time not only enjoying cricket but enjoying the hospitality and the beauty of your lovely country . In fact we will be having another 40 Australian supporters who have booked flights and will be here to witness the Test series in Galle. Our gain now hopefully will be Sri Lankas gain in the long run.

Whilst inquiring about the way the two teams have played Mr Luke said ” well I have witnessed 207 test matches Australia has played and have seen them do well as not so well at times and witnessed Australia winning World Cups and losing a few as well, but at the end of the day we love the game and our team and  I are happy, we have come to Sri Lanka to witness yet another fantastic series. The atmosphere at all venues have been stunning and without hesitation I like to give a message to any tourist not to go with what you see, as negatives of Sri Lanka but to come over to this beautiful country and see for yourself what its all about and surely they will all have a good time. Its all value for money in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka will take on Australia in the 5th ODI this afternoon at R Premadasa and most spectators are expected to be dressed in yellow as a mark of gratitude to the Australian Team whilst as a Nation which has come forward with their best team, touring Sri Lanka despite the uncertainties and issues the island had been faced with and for the financial, moral and all other support they have extended to Sri Lanka Cricket and to Sri Lanka as a  whole.

On behalf of the news team here at thesundayreader,lk let me take this opportunity  to salute the Australian team for the support they have extended at this time of need for Sri Lanka in addition to the likes of content done in the form of brief video clips in collaboration with influencers, in an attempt to drive in tourist to Sri Lanka. It was also a great to see the way the Australians have played the game so far, with their fighting qualities playing the game hard whilst playing in chivalrous manner as bonding between the two teams is quite evident on and off the field.

As the saying goes ” It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”

Our heartiest congratulations to both teams for the way they have played the game !