KOICA-AKOFE donation ceremony in Bandagiriya National School & Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital


Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) together with the Alumni Association of KOICA Fellows (AKOFE) held a donation ceremony to provide essential medical and school equipment to Bandagiriya National School & Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital in Hambantota on 9 June 2022. AKOFE is an association established in 1999 consisting of alumni who have completed KOICA fellowship programmes in Korea to build up their capacity in respective areas.

The donation equipment consisted of the Ophthalmoscopy, otoscope, Pulse oximeter, books, bookshelve, closet, chair, musical instruments, weed whacker, lawn mower, Stretch Shears, fan and water filter. Additionally, Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) Sri Lanka Office contributed Masks to prevent Covid-19.

This support aimed to improve the medical and educational environment for the vulnerable communities.

KOICA Country Director Ms. Kim Myung jin specially mentioned:

“I hope that this donation would be helpful to overcome many difficulties schools and hospitals are facing now”.

And it is much more meaningful that Korean government offices like Kotra and EPS center (Employment Permit System center of HRD Korea) and KBA (Korean Business Association) also participated.

Through this event, we could reassure that Korea and Sri Lanka is a good partner.

The Bandagiriya National School & Bandagiriya Primary Care Hospital highly appreciates the donation by extending their deepest gratitude to the KOICA Sri Lanka office and AKOFE as it is very supportive in this unprecedented time.


To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the grant aid programs that used to be carried out by multiple government ministries, the Korean government in April 1991 established KOICA under the MOFA as a unified grant provider. Through the sharing of Korean’s development experiences and know-how with its partner countries, KOICA aims to fight global poverty and support sustainable socio-economic development in developing countries while at the same time strengthening Korea’s friendly relations with them. Setting health, education, governance, agriculture and rural development and technology, environment and energy as priority sectors, KOICA delivers grant-based programs through its development projects, Development Experience Exchange Program (DEEP), international volunteer and fellowship programs, emergency relief provision, multilateral cooperation, etc. For more information about KOICA, visit  www.koica.go.kr