Secretary Defence assures an impartial inquiry into attack


Addressing a media briefing yesterday, the Defence Secretary said, that he appeal to the public not to act in an unruly manner as the instructions have been given to see that an  impartial investigation is carried out on the Galle face attack that took place on Monday. He urged the Public to stop harming people and damaging private and public property as they belong to our own citizens.

The military has been deployed to assist the police in maintaining law and order.

Army Commander Gen Shavendra Silva addressing a media briefing, has appealed to the public to assist in ensuring all essential services function smoothly.

As reported by our sources it has been reveled that the requirement as at now is to see that different factions don’t take the law into their hands and create disruption, but for the Police and the Security forces to take full control of the situation.

Information Courtesy: the daily news