Statement by Ruwan Jayaratne, Director – Serenity Group – Uganda

Ruwan Jayaratne.

Serenity Group is aware of multiple stories that have been circulating on social media platforms regarding to its founders, operations and business profile.

Country is clearly undergoing a tremendously challenging time, where its citizens are struggling to establish changes that will help the country overcome difficulties that were built on years of bad governance. We know that the people’s struggle is legitimate, that their grievances are undeniable, and the questions are sincere. And in this regard, Serenity Group is open to support any legitimate investigation.

We categorically state that we have not received any investment or financial support from politicians or the government of Sri Lanka.

We hope that our attempt to share our story, our history, values, and vision will help the general public to get a better grasp of the situation and answer many of the burning questions that have been fuelled by the low trust environment.

I am Ruwan Jayaratne. One of the two Directors/Shareholders of Serenity Group. Upon graduation from University of Sheffield, I gained employment as a Management Trainee at a Leading Electrical Engineering firm in Sri Lanka. At this point around 2008-2009, my company had not done any Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts outside Sri Lanka. As one of its business development engineers, I tabled the proposals for the company to expand its horizons to Africa. I was joined by Devaka Ekanayake, graduate of University of Peradeniya to spearhead the Africa Project Portfolio for the company. In the subsequent years we secured and managed EPC & supply contracts in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. By 2014, the company was employing multiple Sri Lankans and we were directly accountable for a project portfolio of USD 100 million.

Serenity Group, Nile Heavy Engineering, Café Ceylon & Bakehouse

Serenity Group was set up to follow our business interests. We secured supply & construction contracts in Rural Electrification Projects through a subsidiary named Nile Heavy Engineering Ltd. We also entered the F&B sector with two establishments: Café Ceylon and ‘Bakehouse’. During an official visit to Uganda, Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited Café Ceylon. This was in May 2016, and this event was publicised along with the other politicians that were present on the day. We divested ourselves from the F&B businesses in 2020. All of our subsidiaries have been openly and proudly displayed on our website and it is only recently that we’ve had downtime due to an IT issue.