Condominium Developers Association of Sri Lanka Proposes Alternatives to Proposed UDA Amendments


The Condominium Developers Association of Sri Lanka (CDASL) handed over recommendations for Amendments to the New Planning & Development Regulations – Extraordinary Gazette No. 2235/54 to the Chairman of the Condominium Management Authority (CMA), Mr. Sarana Karunarathna.

Noting that the proposed amendments include key elements that adversely affect the industry, the CDASL proposed alternative amendments.

Amendments were proposed to the Land Subdivision, Amalgamation and Development; Construction, Alteration and Renovation of Buildings; Planning, Computation and Designing of Buildings; Parking; Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Waste Water; Pet Friendly Apartments and Service Apartments.

Mr. Brahmanage Premalal (Chairman – CDASL), Mr. Pinsiri Fernando (Secretary – CDASL), and Mr. Prasanna De Zoysa (Director – Policy Planning & Regulatory Affairs, CDASL) represented the CDASL at the occasion.