Global best-selling book on Empathy in the workplace releases in Sri Lanka


Softening the Edge, the bestselling book by renowned empathetic leader and CEO Mimi Nicklin, will launch in Sri Lanka in March 2022. Already a best-seller in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UAE, the book addresses empathy in all its facets and explores how humanity’s oldest leadership trait is changing our world.

Written by millennial leader, bestselling author and organizational strategist Mimi Nicklin, ‘Softening the Edge’ is one of the world’s first books to focus on our global empathy deficit and its tragic impact on our people and workplaces. It is part business tool, part corporate culture guide and part social eye-opener. By drawing inspiration from the likes of Barack Obama, Jacinda Ardern and Oprah Winfrey, it encourages CEOs to consider if harnessing and exercising more empathy could help to create happier, more productive working environments. This eye-opening new book also addresses how the ’empathy deficit’ in leadership has become a major cause of division, low productivity and burnout around the world. The book has already featured in NBC News, Forbes and Harvard Business Review and was listed by CEO Today Magazine as their number 1 recommended read for October.

Sharing her thoughts, Mimi Nicklin explained, “I never thought about becoming an author until I wrote ‘Softening the Edge’. Once I identified the reach and impact of the Empathy Deficit globally, I couldn’t stop writing. This book focuses on something I have been passionate about for my entire career – the sustainable wellness of our workforce, treating people with understanding and decency, and the future of effective leadership.”

Recently, she participated as a Guest Speaker at ‘Marketing Minds’, an event that brought together the country’s top out-of-the-box marketers who have changed the status quo with revolutionary ideas which have redefined the idea of traditional marketing methods, in order to inspire a new generation of marketers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Building on the ideas shared by the panel of experts, Mimi, a career long marketer herself with clients such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Upfield, P&G, Nestle, Emirates and BMW, provided her insights and shared her perspectives on the various topics addressed by them. Additionally, Mimi will be offering complementary consultation sessions in empathetic leadership and brand building during the second week of March. Interested parties can email [email protected]. Mimi will also be taking part in a nationwide book tour across several major cities in Sri Lanka to give individuals in those areas the opportunity to easily gain access to her book.

For more information about Mimi Nicklin and her organization consultancy visit Softening the Edge is now available nationwide in stores or via and Daraz.