Intellect’s digital solutions will empower Sri Lanka to participate in the global market


Intellect Design Arena is not a new name in Sri Lanka. Intellect Design is present in the country since November 2014. As the company is planning to be more active in the market, we sat down with Ramanan Venkata- Chief Executive Officer, India, and South Asia, Intellect Design Arena Ltd. We talked about the company’s journey till now and plans for the future. Some of the salient areas were discussed and many doubts were clarified as discussed bellow:

Intellect Design and its offerings for the Sri Lankan market.

Intellect Design Arena creates financial technologies that help banks lead businesses on the path to growth and success. Our solutions help move the banking world forward- as a leading player in the industry, we understand the need to build a stable ecosystem to complement the rapidly changing global banking sector.

Intellect Design Core (IDC) is the most comprehensive, consummate core banking product suite catering to retail, corporate, and SME banking segments. Financial institutions can pick and choose solutions they would like to modernize, depending on their scale & appetite for digital. Alternately, banks can also choose to horizontally modernize across customer onboarding, customer servicing, customer engagement, and back-office operations. We call this “Your Digital, Your Way”.

Our other product is for brokerage product called “Capital Alpha” that helps a brokerage firm is to find seamless synergy across “Digital In” and “Digital Out” experiences and can support the demands from investors, operations, and regulators. Capital Alpha is a “Broker-In-A-Box” solution that provides: Omnichannel trading experience for the investor through contextual trading, backed by research and analytics; Ensured compliance through a real-time and integrated pre and post-trade risk management; Increased efficiency of operations through a comprehensive back-office, combining clearing & settlements, fees & commissions, corporate actions, reports, and interfaces to market entities. Capital Alpha is a single platform that powers customers to increase their client footprint rapidly and improve the STP index significantly through speed and by leveraging multi-asset, multi-market trading, risk management, and back-office on an integrated platform. An integrated back-office empowers the firm, allowing its investors to take advantage of online position updates – whether it is stock or cash.

The benefits of the solution in detail

Intellect Digital Core (IDC) is a microservices-based, API-first, and cloud-ready product suite. This fully integrated digital banking solution is ranked #1 in the world for future-proof architecture and comprehensive functionality. This solution does not work on a cookie-cutter approach. It gives banks much-needed flexibility to drive their own digital transformation in a progressive and agile manner while leveraging our revolutionary iTurmeric integration capabilities. A post-pandemic market demands technology that enables extreme agility and scalability. The cloud-native, API-first, microservices-ready architecture of IDC 20 brings together a formidable solution that is digital, contextual, and future-proof.

Capital Alpha provides a multi-asset, multi-market, and multi-currency solution, which allows the brokerage houses to scale up their business, supporting both domestic and cross-border trading for retail and institutional clients. The product offers flexible deployment options of on-premise, as a managed service offering combining IaaS and SaaS through a hosted infrastructure, or as a SaaS offering through a stock exchange private cloud.

Some of the Sri Lankan Banks that are customers

 In Sri Lanka, we have 10 clients and 3 different products- core banking solution, treasury, and capital brokerage solution which is a cloud-based model available in the market. Our segment of customers are small banks; some are pure-play core banking players and some are a combination of core banking and treasury and some of them are pure-play brokerage solutions

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of interest in our brokerage solution. The institutions, with local players, are not able to trade, because of outages. So, the brokerages in SL are looking for a stable solution where the solutions from Intellect can have a role to play. In terms of the clientele in Sri Lanka per se, we have done a couple of PRs in Sri Lanka, HDFC bank, Citizens Development Business and Religare securities and they are still our clients. We have some brokerage clients as well, like Acuity, Bartleets, and Capital Alliance.

Importance of Sri Lankan business for Intellect’s growth in the global market

Sri Lanka is of great market value to our operations, through our cloud-based offerings, we leverage our customer ecosystem to adopt our technology to make lives easy for a large segment of the population. Sri Lanka is well on its way to massive digital disruption, we see that the country is keen to embrace technological growth and is well on its way to becoming a key technology player in the South Asian market. As Sri Lanka progresses in its journey to chase and adopt the digital, Intellect’s digital solutions will empower Sri Lanka to participate in the global market by supercharging the digital transformation in the country.