Zone24x7 pioneers Sri Lanka’s first-ever Quality Engineering Academy


With most organizations undergoing digital transformation, we have seen an unprecedented demand for the delivery of quality products at rapid speeds. Thus traditional approaches to software testing have now become obsolete due to the ever-increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps processes creating a need for market-ready Quality Engineers that want to get into automation testing but are unable to gain opportunities to do so.

We at Zone24x7 have understood the need of preparing quality training for our associates to upskill their knowledge. Thus launching Sri Lanka’s first-ever QE24x7 Academy, established to upskill both existing industry professionals and fresh graduates/ interns, updating them with the latest technologies and tools to become high performers irrespective of their focus areas. Offering curated training paths and providing hands-on experience with its curriculums prepared by industry experts which provide a deep look into the matured quality process and industry-grade test automation solutions.

A few candidates have been selected to kick start their careers by joining in on our very first session launching in March 2022. Scheduled to take place over a course of 10 weeks after which a cycle with new candidates will continue henceforth. Candidates who complete the course will be given the opportunity to work on client projects and put their theories into practice.

This pioneering program also provides organizations with opportunities to gain access to a reliable source that provides Quality Engineering as a Service. Overcoming the limitations of domains, need to run concurrent projects, outdated knowledge of inhouse engineers, outdated toolsets and artifacts used within the QA process. Zone24x7’s QE24x7 service provides access to the market-ready engineers generated through its academy armed with the knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies. Offering a multitude of benefits including fast-tracking delivery timelines, bringing in external experiences from numerous domains, and access to modern tools, and various artifacts.

We at Zone24x7 are passionate about providing the best-in-class Engineering talent to help you develop end-to-end technology consulting and engineering services encompassing both hardware and software.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to register for Zone24x7’s QA Academy today.

About Zone24x7 Established in 2004 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Zone24x7 is an advanced Technology and Research Centre located and operating in Colombo, Sri Lanka for 18 years. Our sound research and development background means that we are constantly developing leading-edge technology solutions ahead of market needs.