Involve embassies in investment promotion

  • Attractive relief package for existing project investors when starting new projects or expanding their projects
  • Investment incentive packages for Sri Lankans with foreign citizenship to invest in Sri Lanka
  • The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka is ready to join hands with other Ministries to launch Export Value Added Product Projects.
  • A detailed information leaflet on investment opportunities in Sri Lanka is available to embassies in the language of those countries

Minister of State for Aviation and Investment Zones Development, D. V. Chanaka has instructed the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) officials to implement a formal investment promotion program through Sri Lankan embassies around the world.

He also called for an investigation into possible investments in Sri Lanka from various countries and the introduction of an easy way to obtain such investments. He also requested the Heads of Departments of Sri Lanka to involve all Sri Lankan Embassies in investment promotion and to use detailed papers, emails and inputs in the languages of those countries, including investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, for this purpose. .

The Minister of State made these comments in a meeting with the Heads of Departments of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.

So far, investors from around 80 countries have invested in Sri Lanka in various fields. There are about 1700 industries operating in and outside the investment zones. Through this Sri Lanka earns more than US $ 7 billion export earnings annually.

In implementing President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s economic policies, he is focusing more on attracting more foreign direct investment. Here, more attention should be paid to investments that are appropriate for Sri Lanka as well as more readily available and expeditious.

“Sri Lanka has already entered into free trade agreements with India, Pakistan and Singapore, and should seek further free trade agreements. With the emergence of free trade agreements between countries, the opportunity for foreign investors to enter the markets of those countries expands. This is more important than attracting investment,” he said.

Under the current government, Sri Lankans living abroad are focusing on investing in Sri Lanka. A separate program should be set up to bring them together for this. The meeting focused on providing attractive investment packages to Sri Lankans with foreign citizenship to invest in Sri Lanka.

The Minister of State also instructed to implement a promotion program through our embassies by analyzing investment information in foreign countries and identifying investment opportunities available in those countries.

Secretary to the State Ministry of Aviation and Investment Zones Development, Janaka Sri Chandragupta; Chairman of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, Raja Edirisuriya; and the Director General of BOI, Renuka M. Weerakone also  expressed their views in this regard.