Norlanka presented with ISO 14064:1 certification by Sri Lanka Climate Fund

Norlanka receiving the ISO 14064:1 certification for the Norlanka corporate office, Wattala.

Norlanka, one of Sri Lanka’s largest sustainable exporters of baby and kidswear, was awarded the prestigious ISO 14064:1 certification by the Sri Lanka Climate Fund (SLCF) at an event held recently at Water’s Edge.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Chief Guest Dr. Anil Jasinghe – Secretary to the Ministry of Environment, G. S. Periwal – Chief Executive Officer of Norlanka, Buddhi Paranamana, Chief Innovation Officer of Norlanka, members of SLCF, and ExCo members from Norlanka.

The ISO 14064:1 certification is awarded for organization level quantification and reporting of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. All the GHG emission sources within the organization boundaries have been accounted for.

The quantification has been conducted complying to the ISO 14064:1 2018 standard and includes GHG emissions related to the upstream and downstream transport, waste disposal, water consumption, electricity consumption, generator related emissions and fugitive emissions of Norlanka’s Corporate Office in Wattala and the manufacturing facility in Trincomalee.

Norlanka is currently on the path towards championing its sustainability goals which include to become a net zero landfilling organization by 2024 and to be carbon neutral at its Corporate Office and their manufacturing plant by 2025.

The carbon footprint quantification and reporting mark another step towards the net zero carbon goal. This will allow the company to identify emission hotspots, set emission reduction targets, and implement offsetting strategies.

Norlanka also plans to extend guidance and support to their over 30 partner factories across the country so that they can identify and manage their carbon footprint and become carbon neutral by the year 2030.

Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Secretary to the Ministry of Environment stated, “I would like to congratulate Norlanka for obtaining their ISO certification. They have certainly shown the way as to how a company can excel in sustainability while achieving their goals and keeping their customers happy. They are a great example to other manufacturers within and outside the apparel industry and I hope others will also follow suit and raise their sustainability standards in this manner”.

  1. S. Periwal, CEO of Norlanka noted, “This ISO certification is a testament to our constant drive to improve in our sustainability efforts despite the global and local challenges we face today. This award marks yet another milestone in Norlanka’s journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Since 2010 we’ve constantly been learning how to do things in a more sustainable way. Our expanding customer base has come to rely on our service, high-quality products and commitment to sustainable excellence”.

Buddhi Paranamana, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Norlanka commented, “At Norlanka, we have identified and are aware of the responsibility we have in creating a more accountable industry. Great importance has been given for ethical sourcing, using eco-friendly raw materials and working with a responsible supply chain. While working towards reducing negative impacts, we are actively investing on renewable energy projects such as solar power and rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging, all of which come under the company’s extensive Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) roadmap”.

Norlanka believes in adding value to the nation through the empowerment of apparel SMEs in the country and is dedicated towards extending support to their business partners with their sustainability endeavors as well.

Norlanka works with over 30 factories across Sri Lanka, who employ over 16,000 people in rural areas. These factories help ship 20 million garments a year, making the company one of Sri Lanka’s largest sustainable exporters of Baby and Kidswear. Its global clients include Primark, Matalan, Walmart, Superdry, George and many others.