Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Hosts Agri-Based International Buyer-Seller Meet


Over 100 companies across seven countries participated in an international buyer-seller meet focused on facilitating international trade and co-operation in specialised agricultural inputs, held on 10th February, 2022.

The first edition of the International Buyer Seller Meet, facilitated virtual B2B interaction for 135 agricultural input companies from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal Brunei, Mexico, UK and the UAE.

Companies in the fertiliser, specialty plant nutrient, micronutrient, organic fertiliser, bio-stimulant, agri-tech, and precision agricultural sectors participated in a variety of country and sector-specific interactive meetings, including panel discussions, virtual stalls, private meeting rooms, and open discussion tables, enabling targeted international exposure for their products in order to explore domestic and international business opportunities.

The event was organised by the Youth Business Sri Lanka (YBSL) and Young Leaders (YL) arms of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Food and Agriculture Centre for Excellence, the Indian Micro-fertilisers Manufacturers Association (IMMA),  Young Indians (YI) and a networkd of overseas industry partners and chambers.

YBSL and YL are Ceylon Chamber initiatives aimed at encouraging youth entrepreneurship, providing holistic support including business development, support and networking as well as global exposure and connectivity, through the Ceylon Chamber’s far-reaching network of member organisation, associations and affiliations,

Speakers at the event included Mr. P. K. Swain – Additional Secretory, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, Mr.R. Vadhwana – First Secretary (Economic), High Commission of India, London, Mr. V. Kumaraguru – CEO / Country Manager, YBSL, Sri Lanka, Mr. R. Goyal – National Vice Chairman, Young Indians, India and Ms. P.H. S. J. B. H. M. Junaidi – Head, Unit of International Affairs and Public Relations, Dept. of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Ministry of Primary Resources, Brunei.