‘All of you are so precious’ Korean Ambassador commends the winners of the Korean Language Speech Contest


On 8th February 2022, the Awards Ceremony of the Korean Language Speech contest was held at the Korean Embassy in the presence of winners and many participants from nationwide. The successful winners Jeewanthi Abeysinghe, Hansanayani Amarasinghe, Erandhi Himasha, Chamoda Sandeepani and Niroshika Nandasiri received awards and valuable gifts by Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin JEONG for their outstanding performances and oratory skills during the competition.

Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin JEONG said, “It is wonderful to see the interest shown by young Sri Lankans to learn the Korean language. I am sure you all know that Korean language is now adopted as a foreign language to advanced level classes and Sri Lankan students can take the Korean language in the university entrance examination from 2023. This is a great opportunity for the Sri Lankan youth to learn the Korean language. Fluency in Korean language will not only offer more job opportunities but will also demonstrate your sincerity and love to Korea. It will leave a significant mark in Korean people’s hearts. I hope more young people from both our two countries will learn the language of each other and build bridges for communication. You are precious assets who contribute to the Korea-Sri Lanka friendship in many ways”.

Around 100 participants from all diverse corners of Sri Lanka competed in this event. The annual Korean language contest organised by the Korean Embassy encourage participants to not only develop their knowledge about language and ability to communicate in Korean, but also to develop their wider cultural and historical knowledge about Korea.

The Korean Embassy will strive to deepen and strengthen the Korea-Sri Lanka friendship by promoting events to develop oratory skills for the youth in Sri Lanka.