Another lock down cannot be ruled out, states GMOA

Dr. Prasad Kolambage, GMOA General Committee Member

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said there would be a possibility of moving the country towards another lock down if the government, including all responsible authorities, did not take maximum effort to strengthen the COVID vaccination rollout and to extend the task across the country and simultaneously urging the people to adhere to health guidelines to curb the spread of another COVID wave.

Addressing the media GMOA General Committee Member, Dr. Prasad Kolambage said people show no interest in getting the third dose against the COVID-19 virus and cannot find any place where people are working adhering to health guidelines issued by the government.

There is a lack of motivation from the health ministry as well as from the government over improving the interest in getting the COVID vaccine doses, he said.

Therefore, a sudden spike in COVID positive cases and the number of deaths are being reported in the past few weeks due to a lack of public awareness of its seriousness, he said.

No health guidelines were observed being followed, even at government and private sector institutions, but we can all see that people were wearing face masks. The health practices other than wearing face masks have been forgotten by all people, Dr. Kolabage lamented.

In the event another COVID pandemic emerges, all government, private, and media sectors should bear responsibility for the nicenumber of positive cases or deaths in the future, according to the doctor.