Sri Lanka-NORDIC Business Council to Host Webinar on Trade and Investment Opportunities in Finland


With rapid globalisation continuing to facilitate international trade, the Sri Lanka NORDIC Business Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will host a webinar highlighting business and investment opportunities in some of the most dynamic and high growth industries in Finland on Wednesday 9th February.

Home to a vibrant start-up culture, particularly in the ICT and eHealth solutions fields, Finland is today a trendsetting global center for technology and design, and is highly integrated into the global economy with international trade accounting for a third of its GDP. For Sri Lankan companies poised for growth and seeking to expand their presence into dynamic markets offering high-growth opportunities, the webinar will provide insights into trade and investment opportunities in Finland.

The session will be presented by serial tech entrepreneur and co-creator of HP Bazaar, Mobile Monday and Slush, Peter Vesterbacker, and sales and marketing professional and founder of marketing consulting firm Brevisio, Juho Joensuu, with participants able to engage in discussions and address questions to the presenters.

The corporate partners for the webinar is the Sri Lanka Association for Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM).

The webinar will be conducted from 2.00 p.m to 3.00 p.m. The participation fee is Rs. 800 for Sri Lanka NORDIC Business Council Members and Rs. 1000 for non-members.

Registration is now open at

Please contact  01155588853/[email protected] for more details.