HNB FINANCE introduces ‘Gold Plan’ for customers looking to buy gold


Leading integrated financial services provider HNB FINANCE PLC, under the auspices of Managing Director/CEO, Chaminda Prabhath, introduced its all new ‘Gold Plan’, an innovative financial service through its Gold Loan Unit, at the HNB FINANCE Auditorium, Nawala.

As an asset which always maintains and increases in value with time, gold products are becoming more out of reach for average consumers looking to purchase for personal or investment opportunities. In that sense, HNB FINANCE’s ‘Gold Plan’ is undoubtedly the most enabling avenue that facilitates customers who wish to purchase Gold products with utmost convenience and flexibility.

“As our core principle is to touch the lives of all Sri Lankans and enable them with the most suitable and sustainable mode of financing, we believe that this new Gold Plan is a definitive step in the right direction, towards the empowerment of individuals with the ability to obtain Gold products at ease,” commented HNB FINANCE PLC Head of Gold Loans, Lakshman Ranasinghe.

Through this plan, HNB FINANCE will be providing customers with a loan of a portion of the value of the gold item they wish to purchase through a reputable jewellery retailer. The unique factor about this scheme is that HNB FINANCE offers customers the opportunity to repay the loan obtained without collateral through flexible monthly instalments with minimal interest. Until the total repayment of the loan, the gold products will be valued at the same rate as at purchase, despite changing market conditions.

Also, the customer can get a proper gold appraisal (karat age) for gold jewellery instantly for free through a specialist from HNB FINANCE, giving real confidence in