Issuing one-day certificates put on hold until further notice: Exam. Dept.

L. M. D. Dharmasena, Commissioner General of Examinations Department.

The Examinations Department has decided to suspend the one-day service for issuing examination certificates from Monday (24), until further notice, the Department’s Commissioner General, L. M. D. Dharmasena said.

He said the services provided by the examinations department have been announced on the department’s official website,

Accordingly, applicants who wish to obtain certificates should submit their applications through the online system, by e-mail or through the Department’s official mobile app ‘DoE’. As per the requirement, the certificates will be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the applicant’s address, by Speed Post.

He said the decision was taken to limit the number of people entering the department and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the staff.

The department has decided to assign a large number of department staff to the grade five scholarship examination, which began today, and to the 2021 (2022) GCE Advanced Level (A/L) examination, scheduled to be held on February 7.