Accidents in SL on the rise; 3,500 hospitalizations, 35 deaths daily


The Health Ministry has alerted people about the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by accidents which steadily increase day by day.

Health Ministry Consultant Community Physician, Non- Communicable Disease Unit, Dr. Samitha Siritunga said around 35,000 people are being hospitalized while around 35 individuals die of accidents daily.

“Annually, six to seven million admissions take place in hospitals island-wide, out which 1.3 million admissions are accident victims,” he said.

“As per our calculations, the number of total hospital admissions per year has been estimated to increase 15 million by 2025, which means that one in five persons susceptible to get injured due to accidents,” he argued.

In addition, Dr. Siritunga said some 12,000 persons succumb to accidents annually.

Accident is an event that happens unintentionally resulting in damage, injury, harm and disability.

The types of accidents include accident at work, industry-prone hazards, road mishaps, accidents involving animals, sports related injuries, clinical negligence and other accidents, etc.