Airtel invites inactive users to experience its new powerful 4G network absolutely free


Equipped with its new and improved, faster, robust and much more powerful 4G network, Airtel Lanka is heightening the seasonal spirit this year-end with its latest campaign, inviting all inactive Airtel users to have a first-hand experience of its new 4G network without any charges.

“This new year we wanted to let everyone in on what they’re missing, with our justifiably highly anticipated 4G network. What better can anyone wish for this New Year than a network experience that will never fail them! We invite everyone to try out Airtel’s new 4G network, and wish you all compliments of the season!”, commented Airtel Lanka CEO/Managing Director, Ashish Chandra.

The offer enables eligible users – those who used to have an Airtel connection – with a first-hand experience of Airtel’s value-driven 4G network and Freedom Packs. They can simply put their old Airtel Sim in a handset, dial ‘123’ and avail themselves to attractive discounted offers, including up to seven days of free calls and 4G data.

Airtel Lanka pledges to the guaranteed performance of its refined 4G network and Freedom Packs, enabling up to 4X faster internet speed, 50 percent better indoor coverage and a colossal savings of up to 80% in value, when compared to conventional reloads.

Airtel’s 4G network is built on a triple layer network, which gives it a solid combination of coverage and capacity to deliver a superior experience with drastically improved coverage with stronger signal penetration.

Over the last year, Airtel Lanka accelerated its efforts towards refining and strengthening its 4G network covering the entire country, to meet and exceed customer expectations for a greatly consistent and easily accessible mobile internet experience. Now, Airtel’s 4G network and value-centric Freedom Packs have continuously performed well to win the trust and support of users from all walks of life.

The company believes that every Sri Lankan deserves affordable access to the best network, and Airtel Lanka commits not to disappoint its ever-growing user base.

Bharti Airtel Lanka:

Bharti Airtel Lanka (Airtel Lanka) commenced commercial operations of services in Sri Lanka on January 12th, 2009, and was the fastest operator to reach 1 million customers in the country.

With its network footprint panned out across the nation and capturing strategic ranking positions in various areas in less than three years of operations, Airtel has emerged as Sri Lanka’s fastest expanding network, thus ensuring coverage across the whole island. Registered under the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka, Airtel provides digital mobile services which include voice and data services.