Korean Ambassador appreciates the 2021 Social Media Supporters


On 24th December 2021, Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin JEONG felicitated the 1st social media supporters of the Korean Embassy at the Ambassador’s Residence followed by a luncheon.

This is the first batch of the official Social Media Supporters recruited by the Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka to promote Korea’s various charms.

The Social Media Supporters (SNS supporters) for 2021, Ms. Dharsani Nadarajah, Ms. Nadeesha Jayasooriya, Ms. Anju Mendis, Ms. Dilushi Kumarasiri, Ms. Methmalie Dissanayake, Ms. Prashani Goonathilake, Mr. Pradeep Benthara, Ms. Nishadi Illangasinghe and Ms. R.M Udayangani greatly contributed to advance Korea-Sri Lanka relations to a higher level.

Ambassador Santhush noted with satisfaction that their active engagement in Embassy activities through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube is remarkable.

“Digital diplomacy played a key role in bridging the friendship between our two countries amid COVID-19 and you are indeed an invisible bridge between Korea and Sri Lanka. You are so precious to Korea and you are so precious to Sri Lanka as well. The social media impact has helped Korean culture become more popular worldwide including in Sri Lanka. The popularity of Korean culture in Sri Lanka is thanks to supporters like you who have not only stood by Korea and Korean culture, but also have gone above and beyond to introduce Korea to those who don’t know the Korean culture,” the Ambassador said.

“I am not only the Korean Ambassador but I am also the Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka. My mission is to develop cultural exchange not only one way but both ways and I hope that the same interest shown by Sri Lankans towards the Korean culture will be reflected among Koreans to learn about the Sri Lanka and its culture,” the Ambassador also said.

Ambassador Santhush further appreciated the assistance and support extended by SNS supporters to host many Embassy events in 2021 such as the Virtual Tour, Korea Corner and the Mukbang (Korean Cuisine) events successfully.

All SNS supporters thanked Ambassador Santhush for giving an opportunity to work with the Korean Embassy and promote the Korean culture to Sri Lanka.

They said, “It is indeed a great honour and pleasure to be part of the exciting events organised by the Korean Embassy.”

They shared their views on how the Embassy can increase the engagement on social media and expressed their keen interest to take part in more exciting events in the coming year.

Three SNS supporters were awarded for their exceptional dedication to the Korean Embassy in 2021.

The first place was awarded to Ms. Dharsani Nadarajah and Ms. Nadeesha Jayasooriya. Ms. Anju Mendis was awarded the third place.