N- Joy sets industry benchmark with new Fresh Dry Technology


N-Joy, Sri Lanka’s leading coconut oil brand, set yet another benchmark in the coconut oil manufacturing industry by adopting the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, Fresh Dry Technology (FDT), which further enhances product quality in-line with stringent global standards.

The new tech establishes the manufacturer as the only local company to automate its production process and minimise human contact with the raw materials, strictly adhering to global best practices in food safety standards. FDT will ensure the production of natural, high-quality coconut oil under hygienic conditions that are not subjected to the RBD (Refined, Bleached and Deodorized) process.

“Our journey spanning two decades has been a constant process of improvement. By developing traditional coconut oil sourced from our local farmers, we offered customers a natural product that is not subjected to any chemical refining. With our new tech, which is calibrated to ensure we manufacture to international standards, we now offer customers the best quality natural and healthy product free of any chemicals,” Aadamjee Lukmanjee & Sons Managing Director, Murtaza Lukmanjee said.

“The new technology is one of a kind, and we are the only company in Sri Lanka to use it. We have always focused on quality, and we are indeed excited to be providing our customers with this product today,” the Managing Director also said.

To further strengthen the trust placed on the brand by consumers, N-Joy launched the ‘Recognize the REAL Coconut Oil?’ campaign which offers customers access to internationally recognized quality assurance certificates via a QR code on the product.

“The trust and confidence consumers place on our product are of paramount importance to us. The QR code on each bottle of N-Joy Pure Coconut Oil is our invitation to consumers to understand the exact quality of our product. With this endeavour, we hope to strengthen further the trust and confidence placed upon us and pledge to continue providing our loyal customer base with the highest quality oils in the market during this festive season,” N- Joy Sales and Marketing Manager, Duvindra Corea said.

A member of Aadamjee Lukmanjee & Sons Group of companies, Sri Lanka’s pioneering manufacturer and exporter of pure coconut oil, N-Joy is a natural oil manufactured with no chemical process.

Backed by 150 years of experience in manufacturing by its parent company N-Joy has won accolades over the years for offering consumers the purest, most unadulterated form of coconut oil, complete with ISO 22000 certification.