Tracified enables 10,000 Sri Lankan farmers to move up the value chain

Tracified Co-founders - Dileepa Jayathilaka and Uthpalie Thilakarathna.

Tracified Technologies initiated a blockchain based traceability solution targeting 10,000 farmers in Sri Lanka who export to the EU.

Funded by GIZ, the solution will be a platform for farmers to provide transparency on the origin of the food source, harvesting and processing dates, and processing techniques used. Based on the product, these parameters can also be extended to capture temperature, humidity, storage and handling data along the distribution chain as well.

The solution will enable farmers to negotiate premium prices with discerning customers by transparently showing the quality of the produce from farm to fork. In the longer term, it is also expected to give farmers easier access to international markets as traceability is a proven method of assuring product quality.

Dileepa Jayathilaka, Co-founder of Tracified stated, “Having been the platform of choice for supply chain traceability in a number of large-scale projects both within and outside of Sri Lanka, this new endeavor is a definitive step for Tracified towards proving its effectiveness once again in building trust in global supply chains by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. We are excited to join forces with international organizations to help Sri Lankan farmers to acquire a competitive advantage in global markets through a new level of transparency. We are confident that this is a timely initiative that will strengthen Sri Lanka’s agro exports with high technology in an era where the entire world is in a quest to explore the capabilities of digital technology to reshape industries”.

Tracified has seen significant business growth and adoption over the past year. In April 2021, Tracified won an international ADB tender to implement a food traceability project in Azerbaijan. In July 2021, Tracified also secured a new project in Japan, to enable traceability of ‘sake’ across the value chain.

In August and September, the Blockchain-based platform secured a project to promote Sri Lankan handicrafts in socially responsible ventures industries, engaging with Selyn and Kantala in a USAID funded project.

“Our vision has always been to use our Tracified platform to improve Sri Lankan industries and uplift the standards of farmers and artisans at the grassroot level. These projects allow us to do this in Sri Lanka and expand this same model to other parts of the world, which is exciting. There is so much we can do for other industries in Sri Lanka like tea, fashion, coconut-based products etc.  that already has an export market to improve their value in the global market with the use of technology,” added Uthpalie Thilakarathna, Co-founder, Tracified.

Tracified Technologies is a blockchain-based traceability solution that connects the entire supply chain. The solution can be applied to scenarios when its crucial to assure the integrity of the supply chain. Whether it’s organic produce or Atlantic salmon, Tracified can identify and record movement, temperature and storage durations across every stage, using a multitude of tracking technologies.

Tracified has been recognized in both national and international forums. In August 2020, Tracified received an equity investment from 360ip, a venture capital firm based in Tokyo. In 2018, it won the Founder Institute Scholarship for the Best Sustainability Startup Pitch at the Oslo Innovation Week.

The product was also recognized at the 2017 E-Swabhimani Digital Social Impact Awards, where it emerged winner of the Business/Commerce category and at the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), where it won Gold in the e-Logistics and Supply Chain Management Category.


Tracified Technologies is a Blockchain-based platform in the ecommerce space. Tracified is built with the vision of enabling authentic sellers to prove the quality of their produce to the intended market. It can be used by any participant in a supply chain to share information with other participants including end-consumers, in a credible way via public blockchain.