Leading Singaporean edtech platform Tutopiya provides Sri Lankan tutors with global teaching opportunities

  • Over 300 Sri Lankan tutors currently benefit from Tutopiya’s online tuition platform
  • Significant advantage for Tutors to work from home by choosing flexible hours while earning above market rates
  • With more than 90% of female tutors, Tutopiya provides work-life balance and financial independence by empowering women

Tutopiya, a Singapore-based edtech platform, announced the official launch of its tutor recruitment drive in Sri Lanka. This drive comes at a time when online tuition is necessary amidst the pandemic and social distancing measures across the globe.

Tutopiya works with a network of experienced tutors to bring online tuition to students at home. Tutopiya specialises in teaching international school students from grades 1-12 focusing on the IGCSE and A levels by Cambridge & Pearson Edexcel Examination Boards and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Nuha Ghouse, CEO of Tutopiya said, “We are excited to launch our tutor recruitment campaign in Sri Lanka and have already seen a lot of interest from tutors looking for global teaching opportunities which are not disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to offer students access to quality online education, which is crucial at this point, so we have one of the largest and thoroughly vetted active databases of quality teachers to ensure we provide the highest standard of online tuition”.

A growing interest in global online teaching opportunities

Developed and honed in-house over a three year period, Tutopiya’s proudly owns its advanced web-based platform and mobile app which completely equips tutors to offer a high quality online learning experience with absolute convenience in lesson scheduling, joining and teaching.

In addition, tutors are provided with teaching resources and ongoing continuous training and webinar series to ensure the tutors are fully supported and up-to-date with the latest international curricula and the best online teaching techniques.

Tutopiya’s faculty of internationally-qualified subject specialist teachers ensures the students have access to advanced standards of knowledge and skills for every subject offered. Tutors are selectively and privately-screened to ensure that they provide students with the best education possible.

Private live and interactive lessons without leaving home

Through Tutopiya’s advanced mobile app and web-based platform, students and teachers have a range of features which provide a complete solution for online learning – live lessons, practice assignments, progress tracking, feedback, lesson recordings, to name a few. This makes online learning most effective, efficient and best of all, convenient.

Becoming a Tutor with Tutopiya

If you are someone who is passionate about teaching and would like to work with students from different parts of the world, visit www.tutopiya.com and submit your online application under the ‘become a tutor’ section. https://www.tutopiya.com/become-a-tutor/

Traditionally, students who enroll in tuition outside of school have to travel to their tutor’s homes or vice versa. However, with more restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not a viable option for many.

By removing the physical barrier, learners and tutors will have more opportunities and chances for exploring new and qualified educators. Tutors can gain a better understanding of each student through one-on-one time. Through this communication, tutors can deliver customised lessons that suit their individual needs and learning styles for the best outcomes.


Tutopiya is an online platform that allows students to engage a tutor and learn over the internet which operates as a marketplace that connects students and tutors. The emphasis at Tutopiya is to offer qualified, passionate tutors for international school curricula like IGCSE & IB  who have been rigorously vetted & comprehensively trained to teach online.

Tutopiya has a stringent tutor vetting process including language and communication skills tests, in-depth skill reviews, and online teaching competency tests. By hiring only the top teaching talent, Tutopiya is an exclusive platform that has passionate tutors who have excelled academically and have had experience teaching in the  International schools.

We offer personalised one-to-one lessons for students aged 8-18. Tutopiya has a strong focus on quality and curation over quantity. We believe each child is different so it requires learning which is customised for their exact needs.