National Chamber announces ‘National Business Excellence Awards 2021’


The National Chamber takes pleasure in announcing the ‘National Business Excellence Awards 2021’ for the 17th year. Being one of the pioneering Awards Competitions initiated as way back as 2004, by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, the National Business Excellence Awards (NBEA), has maintained its highest standards and gained much recognition and prestige amongst the business community as a well- structured Awards Scheme it has today become the symbol of recognizing “Excellence” of businesses in Sri Lanka.

The President of the National Chamber, after recognizing the current evolving trends such as agile nature of strategies to address disruptive nature of business environment with Covid19 pandemic, emphasis on reducing carbon emission, transforming nature of workplace, increasing tendency of capital is getting attracted to trusted, ethical and environmentally friendly organizations and the purpose of the institutions more aligned towards creating long term sustainability and creating value for all in the society and not restricting to a selected few.

National Chamber appointed a selected Committee in order to revive the National Business Excellence Awards application in order to accompany such important emerging trends.

Committee, after recognizing the fact that such changes should be introduced gradually, allowing our organizations to adopt over a period of time managed to introduce an application  with some important changes but the model will still be based on the Evaluation Model of 7 criteria, namely – Excellence in Strategy & Leadership, Excellence in Corporate Governance, Excellence in Capacity Building, Excellence in Performance Management, Excellence in Local and Global Market Reach, Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, Excellence in Business & Financial Results. It is expected to allow the contemporary needs to the application over a period of time.

The numbers and Quality of Applications have been on the rise over the years.  The Competition comprises of categories – Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small and Micro – and diversified industry sectors:  it also creates the opportunity for 29 industry sectors to secure Awards, category-wise or on evaluation criteria.

92 Awards will be presented to the Winners this year (NBEA 2021), including Overall Excellence Winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze. The evaluations will be carried out initially, by a Technical and Financial Panel with a desk review, headed by the Chairman of the Financial & Technical Panel, Sanath Fernando, Partner, Assurance, at Ernst & Young.

The shortlisted applications will be reviewed and interviewed by a panel of judges to ascertain the best Corporate Companies as Award Winners. Selection of winners will be made by an eminent Panel of Judges chaired by Sunil G Wijesinha, Past President – National Chamber, Former Chairman –Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Former President – Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association (JASTECA) & Non-Executive Chairman of several Listed Companies.

National Business Excellence Awards 2021 Official Launch was held on Wednesday, 10 November 2021 and the glittering Awards Ceremony will be conducted in February 2022 amidst a large gathering of distinguished guests, invitees, Diplomats, leading businessmen, entrepreneurs, high level senior officials from the Government and private sector.

In compliance with anti-Covid19 rules, the event may be held in a hybrid format. The National Chamber will announce any changes, ensuring in any case the smooth running of the event.

The President and the Council of the National Chamber cordially invite the business community of Sri Lanka to participate the National Business Excellence Awards (NBEA) which is widely recognized as the prestigious symbol of the Excellence in doing business in Sri Lanka.