Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin Jeong, visits Korean Corner


As part of the Korea Week 2021, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Santhush Woonjin Jeong visited the Korea Corner at the Colombo Public Library and handed over 157 of newly-published books and DVDs in Korean to the Corner. Ms. Varuni Gangabadaarachchi, Chief Librarian, the library representatives, and Korean language class teachers and students at the Corner participated in this ceremony.

Located on the 2nd floor at the Colombo Public Library, the Korea Corner was opened in January 2014. Since then, it developed into a popular space which provides Sri Lankans not only with Korean dramas, K-Pop videos and books on various categories about Korea, but also with Korean language classes.

In response to the growing interest in Korean language education at the Korea Corner, new classrooms were recently added to expand the learning opportunities.

Ambassador Santhush noted, “The teachers of the Korea Corner have played a very important role in bridging our two countries’ relations and have actively worked towards bringing our countries closer together. Communication is not one way but goes two ways and I hope that the same interest shown by Sri Lankan students to learn Korean will be reflected among Koreans to learn the Sri Lankan language and its culture”.

Ms. Varuni Gangabadaarachchi, Chief Librarian, Colombo Public Library, extended her gratitude to Korean Ambassador Santhush for the friendship shared by Korea with Sri Lanka and thanked the Government of Korea and Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka for the continued assistance to the Korea Corner by providing technical and financial support.

There is growing popularity for the Korean culture and language in Sri Lanka and this donation will be useful for more students at the Korea Corner.

The Embassy plans to further promote the Korea Corner’s scope of work so that Sri Lankans better understand Korea and enjoy its culture.