Bringing Self-Expression to Life with the Galaxy Watch4 Series


Today’s lifestyle choices, as diverse as they all are, have one thing in common: self-expression. From what we wear to the life we live – even to the devices we buy – putting our personality first and foremost is always of utmost importance.

Following the changes in such trends, smartwatches have grown to be a part of this self-expression movement thanks to their nature as a device that goes beyond its role as a mere accessory. Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Watch4 series is no exception to this. It is perfectly rounded shape continues the unique identity of the Galaxy Watch series. With a clear identity as well as offering unique self-expression through customizable watch faces, Galaxy Watch4 has truly been designed for the modern user.

Galaxy Watch4 Design Story

The circle is the founding identity of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. A simple yet polished form resembling most traditional watches, the circle is a core design element that has been incorporated into the Galaxy Watch series from the very beginning. The Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic both share a single design language and therefore a consistent identity.

Samsung’s designers worked hard to create this user-friendly structure with all the basic watch-like qualities that avoid anything complicated or distracting in order to develop a truly differentiated product. By removing any unnecessary decorative elements and focusing on the true essence of the device, the Galaxy Watch series designers managed to create a watch design that is not only timeless, but is also the perfect addition to any user’s wrist.

Seamless Aesthetic, Seamless Fit

The straps of Galaxy Watch4 series connect seamlessly and effortlessly to the watch body. Samsung’s designers created a silhouette that serves as an outline for the circular frame in order to emphasize the screen better. The body line design is not only crucial for aesthetic appeal, but also for providing optimal fit for users. This slim and flexible line design offer users a natural and snug fit on their wrists.

Effective Materials

Samsung’s designers made sure to produce a strap for the Galaxy Watch4 series that is able to meet a user’s expectation in terms of aesthetic as well as functionality. The resulting Hybrid Leather Band was designed meticulously with both these standards in mind: its exterior is made of leather, while the interior of the strap is made with sweat-resistant Fluoroelastomer (FKM). While the exterior and the interior sides of the strap are made from different materials, they come together seamlessly thanks to a unified color scheme.

Your Style, Your Way

The Galaxy Watch4 series comes in two colour options; Black and Silver. With more watch faces and features to choose from, Galaxy Watch4 enables you to build the perfect watch face to match your personality and fit into your lifestyle.

Now, you have four new faces to choose from – so you can see whatever information you tend to check the most with just a glance at your wrist. If you’re committed to smashing your fitness goals – or just want to keep an eye on your health stats – you can customize the new Info Brick watch face with the stats you care about the most, from heart rate and stress to daily activity status. Or, you can choose a watch face that displays in-depth weather forecast, a basic dashboard or live wallpapers inspired by Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 – all of which can also be customized.

A Gift for Oneself

The basic concept of respecting every user’s individuality is incorporated into every aspect of the user’s Galaxy Watch4 experience. Beyond just a smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch4 truly is a gift to oneself that reflects our true values.

The Galaxy Watch4 embraces individuality, enabling it to become a beloved companion in a user’s daily life to both help them and accompany them wherever they may go.

Consumers in Sri Lanka can purchase their Galaxy Watch4 at island-wide authorized dealers of John Keells Office Automation and Softlogic Mobile Distribution which can be easily identified by the Samsung logo placed outside the shop. It is also available at authorized partners; Softlogic Retail, Softlogic Max, Singer, Singhagiri and Damro, Network Partners Dialog and Mobitel, and via the online portals; Samsung EStore (,, and

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