Future SJB Govt. will safeguard farmers and their rights, states Opposition Leader


A future SJB government will introduce legislation to safeguard the farmers and their rights, said the Leader of Opposition, Sajith Premadasa yesterday, October 29.

Mr. Premadasa, who was speaking during a protest in Kandy, said the legislation which a future SJB government will introduce will be in the form of a charter which will be approved by Parliament.

“We will introduce a farmer’s charter under which we will bring in legislation under which rights of the farmer to cultivate using fertilizer of their choice, pesticides will be assured,” Mr. Premadasa said.

“We will also include the rights of farmers into the list of human rights which are guaranteed by the constitution,” he added.earlier, during a protest in Matale.

Mr. Premadasa said SJB will bring all farmers to Colombo and will get them to hold a mass protest near Parliament.

“Organize yourselves and get ready to march towards Colombo and Parliament,” he told the farmers.