Govt. has taken all steps to rectify teachers’ issues, states Education Minister


Education Minister Dinesh Gunawardena hopes that the teachers will report for duty today, October 21, as the Government has taken all possible measures to rectify their salary anomalies even amidst the pandemic situation.

The primary sections of schools with less than 200 students will start today. Accordingly it is planned to start more than 3,800 schools countrywide under the first phase of the school opening programme.

The Minister said that everyone in the education system is duty bound to bring school education to normality as it is linked with the future of future generations. Therefore he assumes that all the teachers attached to the schools opening today will report for duty eagerly.

Meanwhile, the health sectors urge students, parents and all others linked with the school system to follow health guidelines strictly.

A set of guidelines has already been issued to schools aiming to prevent spreading coronavirus in school premises. Besides, people who run school canteens are strongly advised to abide by health regulations when providing their services.

“COVID-19 health guidelines will stringently be followed in school premises so as to ensure the protection of the entire school community,” the Minister added.

It has been planned to recommence other schools promptly especially the Advanced Level classes under the second phase of the school opening programme.