PHIs sound alarm over people forgoing health rules


After having relaxed the quarantine curfew, it has been observed that health guidelines and practices are going for a toss, the Public Health Inspectors’ Union claimed.

PHI Union Head, Upul Rohana said people’s behaviour during the last couple of days were totally unsatisfactory and extremely poor.

“People are not adhering to health practices properly when using public transport and visiting places. Besides, precautionary health facilities are not effectively maintained at some work places,” he pointed out.

“This reminds us about people’s irresponsible behaviour prior to March last year which led to a devastating situation in terms of COVID-19,” he reiterated.

The PHIU Head said the country cannot afford to go back to that era again.

“Thus, people have to be more responsible when venturing outside and should contribute to prevent any COVID cluster from emerging so that we will be able to iron out issues related to COVID,” he emphasised.