Christell Luxury Wellness launches ‘Christell Crown’

Christell Skin Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne and Director Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne.

Sri Lanka’s leading aesthetic solution provider, Christell Luxury Wellness has announced the launch of a new venture – ‘Christell Crown’. The new centre at One Galle Face shopping mall, will exclusively offer a suite of medical and cosmetic solutions to answer every hair and scalp dilemma, including for the first time in Sri Lanka, ‘AAPE Stem Cell Therapy’ for hair growth.

At Christell Crown, clients have access to the latest in equipment and procedures, where medical doctors and highly-trained professionals customize hair treatment plans from a broad range of solutions; including hair & tissue mineral scans, stem cell hair growth therapy, PRP, scalp rejuvenation and circulation boosters, hair growth light therapy, hair and nail VitaDrip® infusions, bio revitalization, ayurveda scalp and hair treatments, natural hair extensions, scalp micropigmentation, and dandruff and grey hair treatments among many others.

With the introduction of the cutting-edge and non-invasive AAPE® (Advanced Adipose-derived stem cell Protein Extract) treatments in particular, the brand further enhances its extensive portfolio of professional skin, hair, and body treatments by leveraging the regenerative power of stem cells; especially effective in addressing skin and hair conditions such as premature skin ageing and hair loss.

For skin cell restoration, the products induce collagen into the skin to maximize the revitalizing effects of the skin rejuvenation. For addressing alopecia or hair loss, the products strengthen and nourish hair follicles and surrounding tissues to make hair regrow.

Developed by the world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Byung-soon Park, AAPE stem cell therapy for hair and skin maladies is a result of over 17 years of research, proven by multiple published studies.

Furthermore, AAPE is the first product based on stem cell described in SCI journals with clinical results in humans, having been conducted on over 600,000 clinical treatments and used by over 3,000 dermatologists in more than 30 countries worldwide.

“At Christell Skin Clinic, we only offer US FDA-approved alternative treatments to invasive dermatological surgeries that would otherwise be painful, have numerous side effects, or are just not as effective in the long term,” said Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne, Medical Director of Christell Skin Clinic.

“We are proud to bring many firsts to Sri Lanka and yet again with the launch of Christell Crown, we are excited to be the first to introduce the many possibilities of AAPE, and are certain that as with all of the other products and therapies we have pioneered, this offering too will significantly change the lives of many,” she also said.

Founded in 2014 by established aesthetician Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne, the Christell Skin Clinic has over the years offered a personalized and non-invasive approach to dermatology, helping clients get the very best out of their skin, hair, and body.

From humble beginnings, the cosmetology centre has expanded its services, reach, and international standing, and now boasts two state-of-the-art facilities in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, with over 50 full-time employees, including specialized cosmetologists, medical doctors, and nursing staff.

The centre has served more than 35,000 clients to date, including heads of state, VVIPs, ambassadors, expatriates, and residents.