KOICA Capacity Development on export strategies, market survey and market diversification for export development board officers, Sri Lanka


Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) together with Dong-eui University launches an online training programme on Capacity Development on Export Strategies, Market Survey and Market Diversification Export Development Board Officers. The programme was launched on 4th of October 2021 and will continue until 15th October.

The main objective of this fellowship programme is: (1) to strengthen the ability to establish, and implement the trade promotion policies by sharing the experience with Korea’s economic and trade-related policies and (2) to reinforce the competency in customs administration and trade affairs by cultivating practical knowledge in terms of tariffs and trade.

Sri Lanka is geopolitically located at a strategic point in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, the improvement of trade and diversification of exports is a vital factor for the economic growth of Sri Lanka. Consequently, this process is expected to provide novelty and stability to the export strategy of Sri Lanka, which is experiencing export difficulties after the Covid19 Outbreak.

Presently, Sri Lanka needs new policy support for diversified export products and new export boundaries, and the creation of added value in the export policy directing on items such as textiles and tea. Therefore, necessary policy-level support and strategic development will be given through this human resource development programme.

The opening ceremony of the training programme was graceful with the presence of Prof. Jaesung Lee and Prof. Yungkeum Kim from the University of Dong-eui, Ms. Kang Youn Hwa Country Director of KOICA Sri Lanka, and Upul Akmeemana, Deputy Director, Human Resource Management, Export Development Board, Sri Lanka.

Ms. Kang Youn Hwa, Country Director of KOICA Sri Lanka while giving her congratulatory speech stated, “The program will contribute to the diversification of exports and improved trade strategy in Sri Lanka while this programme further strengthens the relationship between two countries”.

The Deputy Director of Human Resource Management, Export Development Board, Upul Akmeemana, highly appreciated the training programme extending his sincere appreciation to KOICA Sri Lanka and government of Korea for the continuous support to Sri Lanka even amid the pandemic situation.


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