HealthX super app – A lockdown idea that is revolutionizing the way Sri Lankans access healthcare


HealthX, Sri Lanka’s first-ever healthcare super app, has made remarkable progress since its creation during 1st wave of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown in March 2020.

HealthX was ideated with the purpose of inspiring Sri Lankans to improve their health, wellness, and fitness by focusing on preventive measures so that a healthier nation that is well-positioned to face the challenges of the future is created. The initial concept of the HealthX business model came to light during the first lockdown period where patients had no way of accessing their doctors for all their healthcare needs. HealthX attempted to solve this problem by connecting patients with the nearest doctors using a location-based mobile application.

The HealthX team’s beliefs and the Butterfly Effect, also known as the Chaos Theory, have similarities. The theory explains that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. Along similar lines, although being a startup at present, the HealthX Vision for Sri Lanka is bigger, inspirational and has already ignited change. It based its Vision on the fact that “Prevention is better than cure” focusing on the importance of avoiding sickness in the first place.

Building the product from scratch, the HealthX team made rapid progress during the second lockdown – as was evident by the onboarding of over 400+ doctors and  12,000+ app downloads in just three months of the public launch in May 2021. HealthX used buzzwords such as #PreventionBegins and #ThinkPreventive in its earlier digital marketing efforts since September 2020 until the technology was ready to deliver a unique experience, creating its own loyal social media follower base and educating them on their key message.

HealthX super app makes giant strides to become Sri Lanka’s future of healthcare in today’s new normal

HealthX’s General Practitioners can treat almost every health condition over a video consultation and home visit whilst patients can book the nearest Doctor using the app’s location-based clinic visit feature as well. HealthX also goes beyond the doctor channeling feature by providing multiple healthcare services built into one mobile app and includes related services such as Pharmacy, Lab and Health Store.

Users can easily download the HealthX app onto their smartphone from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery, get registered and find the doctor based on their requirement by searching the Doctors database by Name, Specialization, or Location. The app’s useful features, world-class design and development, and increasing popularity and impact have resulted in it winning two prestigious national awards in the competition for the best Sri Lankan websites organized by LK Domain Registry.