Eric Rajapakse Opticians uses World Children’s Day to draw attention to proper eyecare among children


Eric Rajapakse Opticians, Sri Lanka’s leading eyecare specialist with over 100 years of expertise, is marking World Children’s Day by informing parents on measures they can take to safeguard their children’s eyesight in today’s pandemic-hit world where online learning has led to children staring at screens excessively on a daily basis.

Staring at screens for long hours can cause what is medically known as Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome where symptoms include changing of vision from time to time, eye fatigue, headache, dry eyes, body fatigue and pain in the shoulders and neck areas.

Additionally, Myopia or shortsightedness is also widespread among such children. The blue light emitted by all screens can also cause retinal detachment in children with aging and impaired vision and affects the body’s sleep cycle resulting in poor sleep and exhaustion.

As a parent, you can address this issue and ensure that your child’s eyes will be protected by taking your child to an eyecare professional for regular eye examinations. Computer glasses are generally considered to be the ideal solution for this eye condition as they block the harmful blue light emitted by all digital screens.

All Eric Rajapakse Opticians branches will offer free eye check-ups for children during the month of October and 10% discounts on computer glasses till 14th October.

Eric Rajapakse Opticians provides comprehensive eye examinations that are carried out by qualified optometrists using high-tech computerised equipment in order to identify any conditions that affect a person’s eyesight and recommend the best course of action.

They offer high-quality products at affordable prices at all their modern showrooms where professionally qualified staff serve customers of all age groups. Customers who step into Eric Rajapakse Opticians branch will be able to choose from a wide array of top global brands for frames for computer glasses, reading glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids.

All showrooms provide a safe and secure environment by operating strictly in accordance with the health guidelines given by the authorities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.