Govt. has no right to sell Kerawalapitiya power station, says Sajith Premadasa


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said yesterday, September 27, that the Government has no right to sell the Kerawalapitiya Yugadanavi Power Station to an American based company in a secret manner.

The related agreement has been signed by the Government following a Cabinet meeting at midnight violating the rights of people.

“The Yugadanavi Power station will be the country’s largest power station during the next 10 years and according to the agreement, Sri Lanka will have the ownership of this power station in 2035,” he said.

According to the agreement, 40 per cent of shares of this power station is owned by the American company, New Fortress Energy.

Mr. Premadasa said:

“The company enjoys the right to supply Gas for a period of five years without following any Tender procedure.

According to the Engineers Association, the supply of LNG is also going to them.

This situation clearly shows that the country’s security is at risk when giving the ownership of the gas supply to them. This company has also been given the authority to construct a floating gas terminal complex.”