Give Back Life to your PET plastic waste at Home!


Did you know one of the most common types of plastic found in your home is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)? PET plastic waste is a valuable commodity when responsibly disposed of and managed, as it is 100% recyclable! Due to this characteristic, PET waste is valuable for what it can be transformed into.

Polyester yarn for clothing and monofilaments used in brushes and brooms are value-added products created from recycled PET plastic waste here in Sri Lanka and exported to several countries worldwide.

By segregating and disposing of your PET plastic waste responsibly, you allow recyclers to give it new life. There are hundreds of collection bins and over 400+ PET collectors in Sri Lanka.

These collectors are based across the island and in your neighborhoods. You are supporting the livelihoods of these collectors by ensuring your waste is appropriately discarded.

Our responsibility is to recover and recycle the PET plastic we consume. This keeps Sri Lanka’s environment clean, supports livelihoods, and contributes to export earnings and a circular economy. We will do our part to segregate and dispose of our plastic waste appropriately and give it a new life. Will you?