Sri Lanka COVID recoveries over 450,000

Covid 19 indian strain. Coronavirus mutation. 3d illustration of delta variant covid-19 on red background.

The number of persons who have recovered from COVID-19 in Sri Lanka crossed the 450,000 mark yesterday. The total number recovered has increased to over 451,700 as a result of over 16,700 people who have been reported to have recovered yesterday. (23rd)

As per details from the Epidemiology Unit 44,554 persons are said to be taking treatment  facilities across the country. However, we have had over 1300 Covid affected people reported on Wednesday with which the total number that has been affected in the country is reported to reach 508,500 plus.

The death toll however is at 12,376 ( as at 22nd Sep) with 92 coronavirus-related fatalities reported on Wednesday, which is a significant drop from the 200 plus mark Sri Lanka was, during August.