Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Tea exports up 15-pct in July 2021, top buyer Iraq


Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Tea exports grew 15.7 per cent in August 2021 from 25.48 million kilograms in pandemic hit, 2020, though down from 2.75 per cent from 2019, industry data shows.

August earnings were 116.5 million US dollars up from 102.9 million a year earlier, data from Ceylon Tea Brokers showed.

In the first eight month up to August, exports were up 7.7 per cent to 187.5 million kilograms but were down 4.42 per cent from 2019.

Earnings were 881 million US dollars up from 804 million US dollars in 2020.

The average price was 4.70 dollars a kilogram from 4.62 a year earlier.

Iraq was the top buyer of Ceylon Tea up to August taking 24.1 million kilograms, up from 21.6 million a year earlier. Turkey slipped to second place with 22.5 million kilos, down from 24.8 million last year.

Russia bought 18.5 million kilos, down from 19.3 million last year.

UAE bought 14.5 million kilograms, up from 4.7 million last year. Iran fell to 9.4 million kilograms from 11.5 million.

CIS countries bought 9.6 million kilos, up from 8.84 million last year.

China, which had been emerging as a major buyer took 9.4 million kilos up from 7.6 million last year.