Sri Lanka should maintain momentum to unlock – decline in reported deaths

Picture courtesy: Once busy Colmbo Airport

With the lock down being extended in Sri Lanka a considerable decrease in the number of Corona related deaths can be observed in the Island as the Deaths have come down from being over the 200 mark to 157 during the last 24 Hrs.

The latest Covid affected figures

Total Confirmed case in the country as at 11th Sep stands at 483,280, Total Personnel recovered 411,152, total new case for the last 24 Hrs 2802, Total personnel recovered during the last 24 Hrs 1605 and the Total Deaths during the past 24 Hrs stands at 157.

Although we do not see a strictly imposed curfew atmosphere in the country with Police road blocks and such, people are seen getting about with their day to day activities with no one taking the chance to be gathering around each other. Visits to shops have declined drastically with most ordering stuff on line. These little things have contributed to the decrease of cases and if Sri Lanka can have this momentum, we could see a further decline in cases in time to come.

On reaching next Tuesday where the Lock down is officially said to be over, given the trend we may see a further reduction in the numbers and If  a further extension would be needed will depend on the cases reported by the 19th. If the cases do not drop down to at least to less than 100, we may see a further extension of the Lockdown as imposed in many other countries even when number of deaths reported stands at a single digit.